To Be Persuasive We Must Be Believable.
To Be Believable We Must Be Credible.
To Be Credible We Must Be Truthful.

National Labor Relations Consulting, located in Chester County, Pennsylvania, operating nation-wide, is a labor relations consulting and management enhancement business that capitalizes on its thirty (30) years of experience working in, with and among various unions, representing the interests of management by helping create a pro-employee work environment free of any desire for a third party to get between management and employees.

NLRC is committed to assist in producing value-driven leaders. They lead not with commands but with a set of values. The more these values tap into an employee’s own values, the more they inspire personal achievement and pride in companies they work for. This means that managers must create a sense of purpose for all employees. The purpose provides the framework for the employees and establishes the bridge needed for managers to be successful in relating to their team.